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Walking on a BOB or TWO Walking the Entire Coast of NSW

“Walking on a BOB or TWO” is Julian’s account of his many walks along the picturesque NSW Coast, keeping as close as he can to the waters edge on every beach and over every headland. Over 1600km at an average of 36km a day, he has many stories to tell of people that have helped him out and incidents that have happened along the way. Some serious and some very amusing. Each walk of up to 6 days takes time to research and prepare. He has had many lifts across water from Surf Clubs in their Rubber Duckies and Volunteer Coastal Rescue teams plus some from everyday folk who just come out to support him. He has also swam several creeks and small rivers pushing his 35kg rucksack ahead of him! A cancer survivor, Julian has raised many thousands of dollars for charity. The book encapsulates his inner being, his life and ambitions. It’s about his grit and friendships he’s made along his journey. From ants at dawn to blisters to the bone, this book has it all.

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